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The mission

The next generation of A.I. assistants built on uncompromising privacy by design



Privacy by design is ensured by Edge A.I. technology. Data are processed where they are generated away from the cloud.

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Our A.I. engine continuously adapts to users way of speaking and habits. It Iearns everyday how to assist in the best possible way.



Our interfaces are designed to be frictionless and proactive. The A.I. engine listens to the conversations without you even noticing. It finds what matters and brings it forward.

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ClearSky designs Private, Personalized and Proactive solutions leveraging on "Edge Artificial Intelligence" technology.

We are all getting busier. But busy doesn’t always equal productive. More and more, businesses and institutions are shifting performance metrics to be more results-focused and are encouraging employees to work smarter, not harder. A.I. automation is the obvious choice to serve that purpose, however, it often conflicts with confidentiality and security when deployed over the cloud. ClearSky has developed a personalized A.I. assistant which is running locally on any device ranging from mobiles to embedded systems and which ensures uncompromising privacy by design.

The technology

Edge A.I. Intelligence, reimagined to be local

A new paradigm towards smart automation and user-owned data.

Traditional artificial intelligence solutions rely on large energy-greedy servers in the cloud. Your personal, and sometimes sensitive data are sent to unknown remote locations before you obtain your answer, prediction, recommandation, or generated content. You typically agree on it by accepting the "Terms and Conditions of use". Edge A.I. means processing data directly on your mobile. The device becomes the host for the artificial intelligence engine. Your data can remain in your pocket at any time and they finally work at your exclusive service. Among other benefits, it offers lower latency and full personalization for your usage, while digital carbon footprint is reduced.


Your daily companion, private, proactive, personalized


Whatever your role inside the company, you need to focus on where you make a difference!

CallEdge backs you up in your private voice conversations. It captures key insights from your discussions without you even noticing. Whether you have occasionnal oversights and/or you spend long hours on calls everyday, CallEdge helps you to stay involved in the conversation and to do what you say. You save time, you look smarter and more professional.


Voice activated

Speech is at the heart of number of productivity apps nowadays. 70% of users are actually not using it either due to lack of trust or to lack of proactivity of the service.


Conversation Aware

ClearSky technology understand natural conversation and doesn't require any hey Siri or OK Google signal to capture insights.



No cloud and therefore local processing means lower latency and no need for internet service.



It comes smart out of the box and gets smarter as you use it.



Every user is training a personalized AI engine learning everyday how to assist better.

The team

Crafted by passionate people, with a vision for the future of A.I.

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Co-Founder & CEO

Hugo Flayac, PhD

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Co-Founder & CTO

Stefano Zamuner, PhD

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From a small startup team with a big idea...

A story that began at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne, and that now is growing up to become the next big thing thanks to the Swiss startup ecosystem support! Dr Hugo Flayac, quantum physicist by training, founded ClearSky in 2022 after working for 3 years on sensitive data in healthcare as an A.I. team lead. Mobiles being the most data-greedy device we can think of, Hugo saw Edge A.I. as a paradigm shift in 2021 when the first AI chip emerged on flagship smartphones. His mission is to accelerate the transition to user-owned data. Stefano Zamuner, Physicist and Machine Learning Engineer at EPFL gave a strong boost to the venture in 2022 when he joined as co-founders and CTO. Professor Jean-Philippe Thiran, world renowned expert in machine learning at EPFL, is supporting the project as host lab and scientific advisor.


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