An edge in your confidential conversations

The mission

Building AI solutions which favor, enhance and secure human conversations


Edge AI technology ensures privacy by design. Data is collected and processed on the device, inside the room, without remote cloud servers.


We turn conversations into accurate transcripts that reflect who said what and when.


We ensure compliant exchanges with accurate and tamper-proof conversation data.

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csky.ai transforms the most confidential conversations into private, structured and compliant documents.

As AI adoption grows in 2023, ensuring security, trust, and privacy will be paramount. Conversational data from sensitive contexts, such as medical consultations or board meetings, are at risk of breaches when processed by traditional cloud AI services, especially in a context where as little as 3 seconds of audio is enough to clone voices.


AI automation at the service of confidential in-person meetings

ClearMind for a new generation of smart and confidential meeting rooms

ClearMind private assistant is a unique Smart Microphone designed to process and enhance confidential conversations without sacrificing privacy. This all-in-one device transforms sensitive meetings into secure, organized, and compliant reports, all while keeping the information safely contained within the room. Notetaking and form filling belong to the past Enter the room, start your conversation, ClearMind proactively takes care of the rest, in full confidentiality. Easy plug and play integration, intuitive interface, no remote server.

The technology

Edge A.I. Intelligence, reimagined to be local

Edge AI offers a new paradigm towards smart and privacy-preserving automation.

Traditional artificial intelligence solutions rely on large, power-hungry servers in the cloud. Personal and sometimes sensitive data is sent to unknown remote locations before you receive the answer, prediction, recommendation or generated content. You typically agree to this by accepting the "terms of service". Edge AI means processing data locally. The device becomes the host for the artificial intelligence engine. The data can remain safely in the room. Among other benefits, it offers lower latency and full personalization for your usage, while reducing your digital carbon footprint.

The team

Crafted by passionate people, with a vision for the future of AI

Co-Founder & CEO

Hugo Flayac, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO

Stefano Zamuner, PhD


Kumeshnee West, MBA

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From a small startup team with a big idea...

A story that started at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne and is now growing into the next big thing thanks to the support of the Swiss startup ecosystem! Dr. Hugo Flayac, quantum physicist by training, founded csky.ai in 2022 after 3 years of working on sensitive data in healthcare as an AI team leader. Hugo saw edge technology as a paradigm shift in 2021, when the first AI chip appeared on flagship smartphones and embedded devices. His mission is to accelerate the transition to user and company owned data. Dr. Stefano Zamuner, a physicist and machine learning engineer from EPFL, gave the company a strong boost in 2022 when he joined in the role of co-founder and CTO. He oversees R&D on the software and hardware front with a rare mix of skills and expertise. Kumeshnee West, MBA, is the latest addition to the team, bringing a wealth of leadership experience spanning over 20 years in education, healthcare and consulting. Most recently, she served as Director of Executive Education at the University of Cape Town's prestigious Graduate School of Business - ranked the top university in Africa.


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